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My Studio. From the consumers point of view they should have a 3D kind of GUI with frequency bands as well as the current dynamic schema - it's so close to being the coolest thing in compression. But from the start, the Nichols changeover in the first place, changing the names of the plugs, heavy duty licencing measures - it's a downhill slide me thinks. Bob Olhsson. I wouldn't assume Elemental had any other choice besides selling to somebody else or going completely out of business.

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Audio software doesn't appear to be a thriving enterprise. Waves is the only audio developer I know of that's still under its original ownership.

Originally Posted by Bob Olhsson. A great deal of developers are part time hobbyists - there arent that many doing it full time and making money. Originally Posted by narcoman. I won't try to defend Roger personally, but the truth of the matter was EA was going to go tits up if Roger and the others hadn't stepped in. He lent his name and staked his reputation behind a product to help give it momentum; really, you know how much water some products carry because engineer a, b and c used it for hit records 1, 2 and 3. So it was obviously a business decision. Now another business decision has been made to cut him out.

I understand being worried about losing an investment in your purchases, but the quality and the design has never been compromised as far as I can tell.

25 Years After the HD-1, Meyer Sound Unveils Amie Precision Studio Monitor

Uniquel-iser is my go to EQ nowadays and i just tried the new D-1 dynamiser's little brother , kind of and i will be bying it when de demo is over I gotta say the EQs are still pretty great, I downloaded the demos to try out on a project I'm working on and they really worked well when doing noise removal, without having to use a no noise plugin.

I am hesitant to complete the purchase due to this mess. Originally Posted by Jax. Originally Posted by Henchman. Well, it sounds like a reasonable explanation. I guess we'll see what the response is from Roger Nichols.


Well, the rndigital. Did Roger Nichols send the legal hounds after them? Originally Posted by whitecat.

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Originally Posted by Roland. I read not that long ago a statement that Roger and his wife put out about the fact that he had been diagnosed with cancer and they were thanking friends for their support. This being the case I suspect that the business is not his priority at the moment. There also appears to be some some legal dispute involved here.

The RN plugins IMHO do not appear to have the universal appeal that others like Waves etc have, I've always personally viewed them as possibly a little old hat. I've seen some of their plugs have been pirated, sometimes this proves the popularity of the software and reflects in increased legitimate sales, in this case I think it's more of a case that not many people are interested in actually paying for them.

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Craig Anderton's Brief History Of MIDI

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Nichols was the only engineer available. But from the start they all clicked, and Mr. His seventh was for his work with Denver. In an interview, Mr. Nichols once ascribed his close professional connection with Steely Dan and Katz to the obsession they all had with getting the most out of the technology in the recording studio.

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