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We are leaving for Europe on Sunday and looking forward to our upcoming teachings. Spots still available! Details and registration here. Quite ordinary. But the ordinary can seem extraordinary or extraordinarily special all of a sudden because of the ability of mind to make it so. This is the way things become sacred, which is good. But it is also the way things—sometimes even sacred things—become exclusive or symbols and objects of power.

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What happens is we identify something as sacred, special, extraordinary and almost instant Watch "What forms does Durga take in Yoga? But the ordinary can seem extraordinary or extraordinarily sp Maty was a force to behold; strong, dedicated, and deeply caring. She was an inspiration to us and to countless others and had perhaps more positive influence on the contemporary yoga world than any other teacher. Our hearts are broken open with sadness and gratitude.

We will miss you, Maty! Watch Richard and Mary offering instant inspiration on how your poses translate to something greater than their shapes.

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  3. Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga;

Richard and Robert A. Thurman really embodying the teachings!

In this intensive, we will go deeply into practices and philosophical underpinnings of both Buddhism and yoga. We will train body and mind, opening both to new perspectives. We will explore central themes and corners of these two great schools, which share a common root yet have healthy dissimilarities. In doing so, we will aim to see beyond surface differences that might fool us into divisively pitting them one against the other.

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Check out this new interview on Hanuman Academy. With gentleness and heart, Richard and Mary share their decades of experience in embodying and teaching selflessness as a path and practice of wholeness. Be prepared to be deeply inspired as they share the precision, acceptance and kindness that allows yoga to be the work that leads to a life well lived. Let us know if you are planning to come! It is something we've all known might happen for a while, but came suddenly and out of the blue just the other day, so it's a bit of a shock to all of us. Please know we are working closely with Ty and Shayan to figure out the best way to proceed from here, taking into consideration all of our wonderful sangha members as well as our own inte Thank you for your concern and your patience as we figure this out.

For those of you who have signed up for one of our upcoming intensives, we will be in touch in the next few days to inform you how to proceed. Our intent is to find a suitable and affordable space so that all can be held as planned. Ein Film sagt mehr als Tausend Worte. Ein unvergesslicher Workshop mit Richard und Mary in Wien.

Teachers Intensive with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor | Shambhala

What do you mean by "ashtanga vinyasa" practice? Here is Richards "liberal" view on the topic, explaining what vinyasa practice essentially is.

And remember - today at 2pm mountain time opens registration for Advanced intensive. Spots are on "first come first served" basis so be ready. Mary and Richard have a message from warm Thailand for those of you thinking of practicing with them this year!


Ever wondered why there are three times "shanti" at the end of a chant? The simple room, one large space is full of new faces sitting on Yoga mats awaiting the beginning of this month long teacher intensive. The room fills with a feeling of something great that just happened. Richard enters, great and simple, starts without too much talking.

Our mornings, which consist of some Asana poses practice, learning about alignment, adjustments, breathe and gaze, are followed by chanting and philosophy. In the afternoons I take a Mysore style class, optional to the program. The group is very international. The Ashtanga sequence.

«Hatha Yoga Should Be Practiced as Raja Yoga»

Richard, calmly sits on his cushion, with clear eyes, guides us through the Sanskrit pronunciation. Richard seems to have child like qualities, of love and excitement toward the little details. Yesterday afternoon we walked over to the Shamabhala center to practice meditation. I manage to walk everywhere here, such a wonderful feeling. Just take Pearl Street down one direction, and you hit a beautiful promenade, of downtown Boulder.

The Basics of Pranayama Yoga w/ Richard Freeman

The other direction will take you to a big shopping area including Whole Foods and the Mac store. Walking along perfect sidewalks with green patches, brooks follow aside or cross under, and the Flat Irons, the famous Boulder Mountains rise up with pride, and together with the dramatic sky, frame the small population of Boulder , or so. A population that seems healthy and active for the most part.